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Profound LA is here to help get you onto your path to a clean life with Los Angeles drug rehab services. We offer a continuum of care, including partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient (OP), and more. Our treatment center specializes in the treatment of mental health, addiction, trauma, severe anxiety, and co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis).

All treatment plans are customized to fit each client’s unique needs. At Profound LA, we believe that since people are not one-size-fits-all, the recovery can’t be either. Let us help you get the life you deserve through our drug and rehab offerings.


The first step towards recovery from substance abuse. We go above and beyond to provide medically monitored substance withdrawal services in a safe and comfortable environment.


After the completion of detox, we offer a safe and structured "real life" program that gives some flexibility within day-to-day life while undergoing full-time treatment.


The next step down from Partial Hospitalization, our intensive outpatient program "in action" is designed to aid in reintegration into everyday life for each and every client.


Our mental health program is uniquely designed to help patients overcome a range of mental health issues through a combination of therapy approaches, wellness education, activities, and medication.


Available for individuals who suffer from both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, we consider both your addiction and your mental illness as you go through your personalized treatment plan.


Whether you have just completed an inpatient treatment program or are having trouble adjusting to life at home, our safe and supportive living program can help you establish a strong foundation for your recovery.

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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab

Drug rehab in Los Angeles is a treatment and rehabilitation service for individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs. Drug treatment facilities typically involve a combination of therapies, including detox and mental health services.
Los Angeles drug rehab programs through Profound Treatment can range from a week in a short-term detox to a year in a residential treatment center. The length of time someone spends at drug rehab in Los Angeles involves multiple factors, including family responsibilities, employment, and health insurance.

Learn more about Los Angeles drug rehab program lengths with Profound Treatment here.
Drug rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles offer a variety of treatment options. At Profound Treatment, we offer both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs, as well as residential detox, partial hospitalization, dual diagnosis, mental health services, and recovery residence options. Regardless of which program you participate in, the goal is always the same: To help you reach a path of recovery so that you can live a healthy, happy life.

Getting started is as simple as contacting us.

Learn more about our specific drug and rehab programs here.
The cost of inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles will depend on the specific treatment service you select, the length of treatment and extent of clinical care, and whether you are paying under a health insurance plan. Depending on your health insurance policy, a percentage of inpatient costs might be covered by your provider. For those paying for treatment out-of-pocket, you might try paying for in-patient treatment by utilizing personal savings, applying for grants or scholarships, or taking on personal debt from credit cards or an unsecured loan.

For specific questions regarding the costs of inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles, please contacting us. A member of our team is more than happy to assist.