mental heath at profound la

Mental Health Program customized to your needs

We provide mental health treatment services for primary, stand-alone, and co-occurring diagnoses. We offer multiple levels of
care to address each patient's unique needs. Our professional staff specializes in a variety of psychiatric conditions, including:

young man with his eye's closed and blank puzzle pieces of his head floating above to show the range of mental health programs avaialble to heal the mind at Profound Treatment Center


Many people who struggle with addiction also suffer from co-occurring mental health or behavioral disorders. Also known as dual diagnosis and comorbid disorders, co-occurring disorders are two or more disorders that exist concurrently. Often, interactions between the illnesses can worsen the course of both. Examples of co-occurring disorders include addiction paired with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. At Profound LA, we offer addiction treatment and mental health programs to address co-occurring disorders and mental health needs. Whether a patient is facing substance abuse, mental illness, or both, we are here to help make healing a possibility. Our effective treatment is tailored specifically to the individual.

Other Treatment options


The first step towards recovery from substance abuse. We go above and beyond to provide medically monitored substance withdrawal services in a safe and comfortable environment.


After the completion of detox, we offer a safe and structured "real life" program that gives some flexibility within day-to-day life while undergoing full-time treatment.


The next step down from Partial Hospitalization, our intensive outpatient program "in action" is designed to aid in reintegration into everyday life for each and every client.